K7 Web-Based Fax and

Voicemail Messaging


Don't you hate running back to the office just to pick up an important fax? Or what about making excuses to step out of client meetings in order to call your voicemail-again!-only to find out that important call hasn't come in just yet? Well, the masterminds over at K7 have you and your important on-the-go business in mind. Their FREE web-based unified messaging tool unties you from your office and sets you free into the world of the true telecommute.


The K7 system provides you a designated number that you may give to your clients and then reroutes voicemail and fax messages to your email so you can get up-to-the-minute responses from your clients and other important people. With K7, you'll enjoy these benefits:


  • You don't have to be at the office to receive a fax.
  • You can view and then print faxes from wherever you are working remotely.
  • Your office fax does not have to be turned on, or heck, if all you're doing is receiving, you don't even have to have an office fax or the separate phone line you often need.
  • You don't have to take time away from your important telecommuting business to call into your voicemail throughout the day. Your voicemails come to your email-wherever you are working (or playing, for that matter)!
  • You can set up a personalized greeting just like you would on your office line.
  • On occasion or continually, set up call forwarding on your office phone or toll-free number to your K7 number if you want all your office calls to be answered via your K7 voicemail and fax number. Phone company fees may apply.


How It Works:

K7 sends your voicemail and fax messages right to your email, as attachments, in real time as they are received. If your email program is not available remotely, you can check your messages on the K7 website from any computer that is web-enabled. Plus, the K7 website keeps a chronological list of all your messages (up to 20, for up to 7 days) for easy tracking or in the case that you misplace a K7 email notification.


How Do I Sign Up?

Just go to the K7 website and register.


What Equipment Do I Need?

You simply need a computer and online access to take advantage of K7. You will also need a sound card and speakers in order to listen to your voicemails.


How Much Does It Cost?

K7 is FREE. Long distance charges will apply to dialers, as all K7 numbers start with a 206 area code. No other surcharges or special charges apply. If you want to be able to offer your clients a toll-free number, visit the K7 website for options. Fees apply.


At Cybertary, we are always on the lookout for the next best online tool-especially the ones that help our clients live and work more freely. K7 is just one more way that you can unbind yourself from your office and work remotely with more ease. Read our article 10 Exciting New Online Tools for other options that can boost your remote working life.


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